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Fun Wine Experiences 

Picked Straight From The Vine



Hosted Wine Tastings and Events

Are you planning a party, bridal shower, birthday, or corporate event? Let me add a fun, personalized wine tasting to your experience.

Personalized Food and Wine Pairings

Receive a unique food and wine pairing menu that focuses on your individual tastes, with options for purchasing, delivery, and display.

Wine Pouring

Little Redhead Wine Tastings' founder, Lindy Willingham, is TIP Certified and ready to pour at VIP events, wineries, tasting rooms, or for distributors.

Custom Experience

Do you have something in mind that I haven't listed, like a wine trip, or other experience? Contact me to explore what is possible!


Micole N.

"Lindy's knowledge of wine is extremely impressive. Her pairing of food and wine are impeccable and she always knows which wine to recommend for any occasion. Lindy is our go-to encyclopedia for all things wine related!"

Ian B.

​"Lindy is a firecracker with lots of pop and passion. Her enthusiasm for wine will bring smiles to all that are involved and her professionalism will sooth even the toughest critics."

Linda C.

"This gal has taken wine tasting to a new level. I've been lucky enough to be invited to one of her parties. Talented, feisty, smart, entertaining, hostess with the mostest, chef, all round good person and she knows her stuff. Pairings and food? Ask Lindy. Wines? Ask Lindy."

Patrick K.

"Lindy, the owner of Little Redhead Wine Tastings, does an exceptional job of developing relationships with some of the best producers on the Central and South Coast and we are overjoyed to have been invited [to pour at her event]."


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