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The Little Redhead

Little Redhead Wine Tastings was born out of my passion for good wine and vibrant living.

Over the years, working as a senior paralegal case specialist for a major law firm has given me a true appreciation for the art of detailed preparation. So my enthusiasm for great wine and winemaking could fittingly be viewed as a natural progression. A thirst for greater knowledge of the craft led to a desire to educate others about the many nuances that make up the entire process of the grape, from vine to bottle and ultimately to your glass. 


It started when I joined Laetitia Vineyard's winemaker Eric Hickey and other wine enthusiasts on a lovely March day to assist in the yearly ritual called “Pruning.” Conducted in the spring when the vines are in their dormant state, pruning helps remove most of the old growth, leaves, branches, canes and shoots from the grapevines, preparing them for spring budbreak.


After a day of pruning and wine tasting, Eric presented me with 10 Pinot Noir cuttings to plant on my own.  From those 10 cuttings, I produced enough grapes to make my own wine. And that is how my personal label, Little Redhead Pinot Noir, was born!



I am a member of the Grape Savvy Wineclub, Cellarmasters Wine Makers Club, Learn About Wine, WineLA and am a professional member of the Society of Wine Educators.  In 2013 I received my JWE from Learn About Wine and am presently studying with the Society of Wine Educators and pursuing my CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine).  Only 6,000 individuals have achieved that honor and I hope to be one of them soon.


Now, I'm enjoying sharing my experience and knowledge with wine lovers near and far! For more than five years I have poured at VIP wine tasting affairs, created unique travel experiences locally and abroad, hosted themed events featuring boutique wine makers, performed blind tastings, and led many groups on curated wine events. Are you interested in finding out more? Explore my events section for information on upcoming events and special deals on unique excursions. Together, we will plan the perfect wine adventure for you!

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